Since regular cameras only have one lens, they create photographs with just one viewing angle, so the images appear flat. Our brains need two viewing angles to perceive depth.  Traditional 3D photos accomplish this by using specialized cameras, and require the viewer to wear 3D glasses, but we have a better way.

Using a unique blend of technology and techniques, our team analyzes your photograph, then we pull apart the layers of depth. Using these depth layers, we generate multiple viewing angles and weave them back together within the print. We’ll send a digital proof to you too, so you can get a feel for the effect before we produce your print.

Once your conversion is approved, we can produce as many prints as you want, at any size. No need to go through the conversion process again. We even save your completed project for future re-orders.


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Our 3D lenses

In a 3D movie, you wear specialized glasses that enable each eye to see a slightly different image. The differences in these images cause your eyes to perceive depth. Rather than "filtering" the images at the viewers eyes, we do it on the print with a sheet of tiny lenses attached to the image. Each lens is less than 1/40th of an inch, and causes each eye to see a slight variation in the image.

Thanks to hundreds or even thousands of lenses across the print, we can incorporate 12, 24, or more images. Way more than the typical movie. This creates an even more impressive effect. Allowing you to tilt the print and look around the subject, to see what's behind them.

Even with all this technology packed into the lens, they are only 1/16th of an inch thick (1mm). Which means your print will still fit in most frames. Because they still work behind glass, adding a frame actually enhances the impact of the 3D effect.

It's a quick & Easy process

First, find a great image. We’ve included a few tips near the bottom of this page to help you out. Then, select the print size(s) you desire, from 8x10 up to 18x24 poster sizes, add them to your cart. Once you’ve placed an order through our online storefront, you will be prompted with instructions to upload your image(s). Once your order is placed and your images are uploaded, we get to work on the 3D conversion. All 2D images need to go through a conversion process before printing. You’ll then have the opportunity to approve a digital proof before we create your print. After converting an image to 3D, you can order as many reprints or resizes as you need. We even store your final image files for future printing.

We Keep 3D Simple

Let us be your 3D experts. Take photos with your normal camera, no special software or equipment is required. Transfer original artwork to us and we’ll digitally add as much depth as possible. Digital proofs are provided for approval before we move to production. Full turn around takes about ten business days.

  • We use the highest quality Kodak gloss photographic papers, and specialized 3D lenses.
  • If you're unsure if an image would work well, please email it to us. We're happy to provide feedback.

How do you ensure the best impression?
Here are a few tips.

  • Save files at full size, 300dpi, in RGB color.
  • For photographs, please use Jpeg or Tiff file types.
  • Provide graphics work as a layered Photoshop file.
  • Bright vibrant images look better than dark and desaturated.
  • Textures and patterns show depth better than flat or smooth objects.
  • Try to avoid black objects in the far background, they may cause unwanted “shadows.”
  • Help us maximize your depth by providing some quiet space along the left and right edges.
  • For graphics, rasterize all layers, text, masks, and effects to preserve their appearance during conversion.
  • If your image has text, large, bold, and blocky fonts work best. Place each text field on a separate Photoshop later.
  • When composing an 18x24 image, portrait (tall) orientations will provide a better result than landscape (wide). It's simply a function of the technology.
  • Have other design or production questions? Email Kevin at

The Ordering process

  1. 3D Conversion: First you need to add a 3D conversion to the shopping cart.  If you have more than one photo to convert please make sure you add each conversion to the cart independently.  When you add a 3D conversion to the cart we will prompt you to tell us the name of the file you will be uploading (after checkout).  This allows us to connect the dots with the next few steps. When you add an item to the cart you will remain on the same page and an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the site that shows how many items you have and gives you access to the check out.  Here is the link to the 3D photo conversion product.
  2. 3D Photos: Next you will want to order 3D photos.  Select the size you want then the quantity.  Each time you add an item to the cart you will promoted again to give us the name of the file for the photo connected to it.  You can add as many different sizes and quantities as you wish.  Each time you add an item to the cart you will remain on the same page and an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the site that shows how many items you have and gives you access to the check out.  Here is the link to the 3D photo products. 
  3. Shopping Cart: Before you check out you must review your items.  To do this simply click on the cart button on the upper right corner of the website.  There you will see a list off items in detail you have added to the cart.  You can modify your purchase or delete items from the cart here.
  4. Check out: Once you clicked the check out button you will fill out some basic information and place your order.  After your order has been placed you will see a link for you to upload your images.  It is a simple form that connects the final dots to everything you ordered.  After you have done this you just need to sit back and let us work our magic.

    Ordering a reprint?

    Just go to the 3D photos products here to pick out your new sizes and quantities.  Remember you will need to still include your file name of the photo we have on hand but no need to re-upload for a 3D conversion at the end of check out.